strongDM is a control plane to secure access to servers and databases

strongDM is designed to make Infrastructure and Operations teams' lives easier by eliminating the administrative work to manage and monitor access to databases and servers.

The service is designed for modern, elastic environments and can deploy across any cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environment.



strongDM works out of the box with any database or server in any environment. Leading organizations including Hearst, SoFi, and Peloton rely on strongDM every day.

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Authentication API

strongDM integrates with identity providers such as Okta, OneLogin, GSuite, and ADFS using OIDC to centralize permissions to databases, servers, and applications. 

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Intelligent Proxy

strongDM routes all database and server connections through its protocol aware proxy, which automatically load balances and fails over to manage high availability.

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Log Repository

strongDM deconstructs every database and server protocol in order to log every permission change, query, ssh and RDP session. Log storage is fully configurable with options to retain logs locally, encrypt, and export into any log aggregator.

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